The Memory Garden

The Memory Garden

A tender and raucous trip back into Ludlow's recent past

Performing in the secret garden behind Castle Bookshop, 5 Castle Street, Ludlow, SY8 1AS

Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th July at 7.00pm

Tickets £10 — reserve them by calling at the bookshop, phoning them on 01584 872562, or emailing

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The story

Decades ago, the yard at the back of the Castle Bookshop in Ludlow was sealed closed. Nothing could get in, or out, except the swifts that shrieked above the walls. Recently the yard was breached, and a garden planted. The memories bottled inside where free to leave.

A couple, celebrating their ruby wedding anniversary, stumble into the garden. They reminisce about their childhoods; how they met at the May Fair and courted in the Starline; the dances and fights on Saturday nights; and the everyday and extraordinary lives they have lived. Their story is the story of Ludlow and all its memories caught inside the closed off walls.

This production brings to life interviews with local people who have shared their reminiscences.

Coming Up

Back at the Brewery! Twelfth Night in November 2022

We're very excited to be returning to the Brewery for our first Shakespeare in over 5 years! And what better way to shake up the Bard than with his joyful, bittersweet and bawdy comedy, Twelfth Night.

Ludlow Brewery - Saturday 12th to Friday 18th November. More details to follow.