Raucous Restoration Romp

The Country Wife is coming to town – get your tickets!

The irascible Pinchwife (Simon Bolton, below left) has brought his new country wife (Anya Collyer, centre) to town. He is unhappy because Mrs Pinchwife is much more curious about city life than he imagined she would be and is attracting the attention of the city rakes!

He blames his sister Alithea (Kate Pothecary, right) for filling his wife's mind with city pleasures - just as she is in a dilemma over her betrothal to Sparkish and the love of man-about-town Harcourt (Paul Sayers).

Meanwhile, the rake Horner (Ian Seddon) is spreading the rumour he is impotent as a way of getting into the ladies' private quarters without the suspicion of their jealous husbands!

We are very excited to be bringing this hilarious Restoration masterpiece to audiences for eight nights at Ludlow Brewery, 14th to 22nd June, and then at Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury in the Walker Theatre on Saturday June 24th.

Tickets - £15 full price, £11 students and under 18s

How to get tickets

Tickets - £15 full price, £11 students and under 18s.

How to get tickets

Left: Simon Bolton; centre: Anya Collyer; right: Kate Pothecary.

Raucous Restoration Romp


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