The Country Wife Triumphs

Over her musty husband and Ludlow and Shrewsbury audiences! Our first Restoration comedy was a hit. From the gorgeous costumes to the packed audiences who braved the hottest two weeks of the year to sell out seven of our eight performances at Ludlow Brewery.

Our debut at Shrewsbury's Theatre Severn was a great experience, with an audience of 165; it was a lovely theatre to perform in and the facilities were excellent!

We found the play more thought provoking than some of our Shakespeare productions: seventeenth Century sexual relations and morality can incite a sense of outrage at the way women were treated and at the language used about them. The writing is less poetic, more visceral and perhaps more real to modern audiences: underneath the frippery is something vile and unpleasant.

Our huge thanks to the cast, Wild Edric Media for the lighting and sound, Ludlow Brewery and staff, Theatre Severn, everyone else who helped and contributed and all who came to see it.

Elinor Bengry as Mrs Squeamish and Elizabeth Howard as Lady Fidget

Above: Weightily clad and fanning themselves in the period style are Elinor Bengry as Mrs Squeamish and Elizabeth Howard as Lady Fidget.


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