Boxing and theatre – a beautiful match!

The launch of Boxing Club Rules at Ludlow Amateur Boxing Club last November was a great success.

With the benefit of Arts Council England funding we had the resources to put together a show unlike any other we had done before.

Based on interviews with boxing club members we wrote and devised a production which championed the members, coaches, community and values of the club. It showed how much more there was to a boxing club than most people expect and there were many aspects which people found inspiring, particularly the community spirit.

With the interviews shaped into monologues and script excerpts we worked with superb actors Anya Collyer, Jack James and Skye Witney to devise the story and a multi-format performance including dance, boxing combat, poetry and music. It was moving, dramatic, funny and heart-warming.

The feedback was fantastic both from our supporters and club members and families who had never seen us before, nor anything like that at the boxing club.

“It has changed my thoughts on what boxing is about. I didn’t realise you could just come for the fitness. Coming from a drama background, I loved all the different theatre forms: the music, the dancing, putting the wraps on, that was a stroke of genius, I just loved that so much. There was a lot of variety, it was really good, I really enjoyed it.”

Boxing is very topical at the moment – in how boxing clubs with their structure, discipline and health and fitness ethos can make a positive contribution to communities. We are planning to develop Boxing Club Rules and tour the production to other boxing clubs, schools and community venues. Stay in touch for further news by subscribing to our newsletter or liking our Facebook page.

Have a look at our video about the production and our process in devising it as well as the reaction of the audience and boxing club members.

For further details about the production go to What’s On.


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