The Country Wife cast - face to face

Here’s our wonderful cast for The Country Wife. We’re delighted to welcome half a dozen new actor alongside some experienced Rooftop veterans!

Ian Seddon - Horner

Ian is the rake Horner who’ll do anything to trick husbands into thinking their wives are safe with him. This is Ian’s fourth Rooftop production; previously he was Horatio in Hamlet, Caliban The Tempest and Bardolph in Henry V.

Andy Bainbridge - Quack

Andy is playing Quack bringing dry and forensic comedy to proceedings. A star turn as Mr Lickey the Cat in Robin Hood was Andy’s first role for Rooftop.

Anya Collyer - Mrs Pinchwife

Anya is THE country wife, Mrs Pinchwife, and guaranteed to make her curmudgeonly husband even more jealous. This is Anya’s first Rooftop production.

Kate Pothecary - Alithea

Kate is the beguiling Alithea, moral and loyal, true to her word and her betrothed, until…This is Kate’s first Rooftop experience.

Brony Croft - Lucy

Bryony is Lucy, Alithea’s maid - a truth teller and a bit of a schemer. Bryony is also a first-timer for Rooftop.

Elinor Bengry - Mrs Squeamish

Eli is playing Mrs Squeamish, one of the “virtuous gang” whose values may not be entirely pure. Eli has worked on the tech and filming desk previous Rooftop productions and we’re delighted she is acting for us in this production.

Helen Eaton - Old Lady Squeamish

Helen is Old Lady Squeamish, ostensibly an upright moral role model to her granddaughter Mrs Squeamish, but in truth…This is Helen’s first time with Rooftop.

Peter Gillham - Sir Jasper Fidget

Peter is the droll and clubbable gent Sir Jasper Fidget, mainly interested in wining, dining and gently mocking everyone else. This is Peter’s fourth Rooftop production; previously he was Claudius in Hamlet, Sebastian in The Tempest and Pistol in Henry V.

Elizabeth Howard - Lady Fidget

Liz will be working the fan as Lady Fidget prodding and poking others while cooling her outward show of inward desires. This is Liz’s third Rooftop production after her Gertrude in Hamlet and Boatswain in The Tempest.

Ewan Gibb - Sparkish

Ewan will be fopping it up as Sparkish loving the company of his friends, which may or may not be reciprocated. Ewan has been in two previous Rooftop productions: as Polnius in Hamlet and Gonzalo in The Tempest

Paul Sayers - Harcourt / Producer / Asst Director)

Paul will be Harcourt, acting the man about town, pretending to be one of the rakes and then…. falling in love. He’s been in every Rooftop production!

Simon Bolton - Mr Pinchwife / Director

Simon is the irascible Mr Pinchwife thinking that maintaining reputation with a country wife would be simple…how wrong he turns out to be. He’s been in every Rooftop production too!

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